Green Moss Agate 10mm
Green Moss Agate 10mm
Green Moss Agate 10mm
Green Moss Agate 10mm
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Green Moss Agate 10mm

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Green Moss Agate
10mm Healing Stone Bracelet
A Stone of Abundance.  A stone of wealth, attracts abundance in all forms. A stone of New Beginnings. A body Strengthener in times of stress. Steadies energies in those who feel unstable or ungrounded. Attracts love and brings new friendships, a cleansing crystal useful for clearing your personal energy. 

Moss Agate brings peace and stability to the emotional body. Soothing and promotes patience, wholeness, and inner calm.

Moss Agate releases deep-seated fear and stresses, expanding one’s personal space and growth. It stimulates a good self image and strengthens positive personality traits, including the ability to get along with others. An optimistic stone, Moss Agate is helpful for those suffering from difficult life circumstances like depression  to find hope and trust, and to keep trying.

 Natural healing stones are naturally flawed. They can vary in color and texture making each one uniquely different.
To ensure long life of your jewelry:
Avoid contact with perfume, lotion, water and sweat. If using essential oils do not apply directly onto the stone apply onto your wrist.
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